Recent News / Future Events

  • MAY 25: Yasemin Basdogan wins the best oral presentation prize at the Pittsburgh Cleveland Catalysis Society meeting!  Tebrik ederiz!
  • MAY 30: Caelin Celani from Washington and Jefferson College joins the group as an NSF-REU summer student.  Welcome!
  • MAY: JAK receives a seed grant from the Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation.  Thank you!
  • MAY: Ethan Henderson and Angela Leo receive undergraduate research fellowships through the Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation.  Thank you!
  • JULY: Mitchell Groenenboom will be an intern at SCM developing code this summer. Exciting!
  • AUGUST 17-19: JAK will be an invited speaker at the Penn Conference on Theoretical Chemistry. The theme of the conference is “Interfacial Electrochemistry
  • AUGUST 20-22: JAK will be co-organizing a symposium on "Spectroscopic & Computational Insights into Solid/Liquid Interfaces for Energy Conversion” at the ACS meeting in Washington D.C.  
  • AUGUST: JAK will be giving an invited talk at the ACS meeting in the ENFL division. More details TBA.
  • SEPTEMBER: Karthi and Pavi are getting married!  வாழ்த்துக்கள்!