Keith Lab in Computational Chemistry

Our group studies atomic scale reaction mechanisms to understand how to design energetically efficient solar fuels catalysts.

Recent news

  • FEBRUARY, 2017JAK was awarded an NSF-CAREER grant to study CO2 reduction mechanisms. Special thanks to the NSF, Pitt, and students who helped make this possible!
  • FEBRUARY, 2017: Karthi wins a best paper prize in the department for spring 2017.  
  • APRIL, 2017: JAK will be co-organizing a symposium on "State-of-the-Art Methods for Modeling Materials Chemistry” in the COMP division at the 253rd ACS National Meeting in San Francisco.  
  • AUGUST 17-19: JAK will be an invited speaker at the Penn Conference on Theoretical Chemistry. The theme of the conference is “Interfacial Electrochemistry"