Keith Lab in Computational Chemistry

We apply and develop computational chemistry methods to understand problems at the interface of basic science and engineering.  
We are currently focused on modeling chemical 
reaction mechanisms and the atomic scale of materials to help develop technologies for renewable energy and sustainability.

Recent news

  • OCTOBER, 2016: Mitch’s oral presentation takes first place in the PITT ChemE Research Day.  Way to go Mitch!
  • OCTOBER, 2016: Karthi gets his second first-author paper accepted in Carbon.  Way to go Karthi!
  • OCTOBER, 2016: Yasemin passes her quals!  Way to go Yasemin!
  • SEPTEMBER, 2016: Mitch gets his second first-author paper accepted in the Journal of Physical Chemistry B.  Way to go Mitch!
  • SEPTEMBER, 2016: Mitch gets a travel grant to attend the AIChE meeting in San Francisco.  Way to go Mitch!